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What it’s All About.

So far (minus my new garage sale shoes giving my heel MAJOR blisters) my day has been going pretty well.  Hopefully this is a sign for the rest of my day and into my weekend.

It all started out as I was walking to my 8am.  My feet were hurting from my shoes, and I had a terrible feeling that this was going to be an omen for my Thursday.  Luckily as I was crossing the street things changed.  There were two campus security officers manning the crosswalk.  As I was crossing the first said to me, “Hey are you ready for the art world today Miss?!  It’s your campus and you get to paint it!”  To which the second officer replied, “Just not the buildings!”  This cracked me up, I am seriously still laughing about it.  I just love running into happy and optimistic people in the morning.  So many folks are grouches who walk around with their heads buried in a cup of coffee.  It’s extremely nice to be greeted with a smile at seven thirty in the morning for a change.

So I went into my Design for Media class feeling great!  Class went well, and to top it all off, we got out a whole hour early.  That’s the point I’m at now, enjoying the chance to sit down in the library and blog because I’m for once not running in a million directions.  It feels really good, and I am staying positive, only two more classes until the weekend.  Sure it’ll be a busy one, but I get to see Cory, and that fact alone makes all of the work I do throughout the week worth it.  A weekend of running, homework and snuggles.  And isn’t snuggling with the ones we love what it’s all about anyways?

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The above picture is a throwback to the summer of 2012 (which I realize wasn’t actually too terribly long ago).

<3 Kaitlyn

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As an Artist.

It’s been a long time since I’ve said anything here.  School has been wonderful so far, very busy, but wonderful.  I am super excited for all of the things I’m on the verge of creating.

If you are at all curious to who I am as an artist please check out my brand new website (click on the link).  There you will find what I’ve done up until this point and keeps taps on what I’m up to currently.


I promise to get back to some more serious writing soon.

<3 Kaitlyn

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Don’t Worry.

Today has been a rough day.  I officially moved into my apartment and had made myself sick in the process.  I think I dreaded it all less last year.  This year there’s no Cory living fifteen minutes away, a fact that has caused all the excitement I should be feeling to vanish into thin air.  He did sooo good comforting me today, and although I spent most of it in the bathroom, the parts where I wasn’t were nice.  He managed to get off work early (six hours early) to take me out to breakfast, and we cuddled and watched The Middle.  We even made some trade ins at Level Up.  At one point I remember him saying “You’re going to make art, you love art!”  There were moments today when I tried so hard to freeze time; cuddles on the bed, sitting on the floor looking a games in the store, holding hands in the car, yet they flew by.  Now it all seems like forever ago.  Now I’m sitting here writing, all alone, missing Cory and wondering where exactly summer went.  I haven’t even allowed myself the room in my mind to worry about classes starting next Monday.

There has seriously only been one thing that’s gotten me this far – God.  I was reading my Bible last night when I came across Philippians 4:6, “Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”  Since then I have decided to implement this as my new life motto, which is hard because I often find my mind going into worried filled tangents while I’m in prayer (very counterproductive).  But I’m trying and I am going to give it my all.  I have too, I need someone to rely on now more than ever, someone I can’t count on being there one hundred percent of the time.  My goal this year is if nothing else, really truly grow in my walk with Christ.  Sometime last year things got a little fuzzy and I want to get back on track.  I’ve done pretty good with Bible reading and prayer this summer, but I want to be better.  I keep a prayer journal and that’s helped me a lot.  I’m finding peace and I’m trying so hard to stay positive.  I have so much in my life to be positive about.  I am so happy the Lord showed me Philippians 4:6 when he did, because I have a feeling I’m going to be referring it to myself a lot this year.  No amount of worry or longing will cause Cory to relocate to Columbus right now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love me.  I know he does, and I know God has done all of this for a reason.  I am going to trust him, and continue down this path he has laid for me, which is proving to be much harder than I had originally expected.

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The Same Level.

I had a wonderful day shopping with my mom.

For starters it was a beautiful day here in Ohio, high of seventy degrees, bright blue sky, sunshine and lots of puffy white clouds. The weather was perfect, everything was. It was one of those days that make you realize why you put up with the usually raining, overcast Ohio. It was a gem, truly a gift from God.

That aside, my mom and I had a fantastic day. We drove (got lost) on a detour in the country on the way to the mall. Neither of us got much, I only went home with two new sports bras, a green crew neck and the cutest pair of floral embroidered ankle booties (on killer sale), but we talked and laughed and just enjoyed each others company. We had a yummy Panera lunch where we coincidentally ordered the exact same meal – half a chipotle chicken panini, half a Greek salad and berry tea, ate and then went home. It was great, absolutely no bickering or annoyances. I think that this is the first time I’ve really truly felt on the same level as my mom. It was like we weren’t just having a mother-daughter day but rather a date between two best friends. I know she will always be mother, and I will always look to her and respect her in that way, but it feels like I gained something today – a new best friend. I love that. I have always been fond of our relationship, but I am absolutely in love with how’s it’s transforming into something new and a little bit different. I enjoy talking as equals, listening to advice and sharing stories. I think I may even respect her more because of it.

I love my mom.

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63rd Annual.

I’d like to take a moment to record a few key events from the 63rd annual Swander family reunion, that way I have something to trigger my memory when I go to tell my children of these events at the 75th annual Swander reunion.

1) This reunion was the first for both Cory and Remy the cat (aka: Aunt Jemima the pancake kitty).

2) We taught my shirtless dad how to play foursquare, he got really REALLY into it.  The squares seemed much bigger in the forth grade, next year I think we’ll we will have to modify the field.

3) The “big kids” were recruited to play games, incidentally Cory knocked over the water bucket we had to fill while sliding in an attempt to save time (we were racing a bunch of little girls).  Even though our team lost, he could have cared less because he was awarded with fart putty, which is still keeping him entertained.

4) Ben won a donut eating contest by eating his donut off of the concrete, once it fell from the string, without using his hands.  We were all very VERY impressed.

5) My dad ran the 1st annual Swander Nationals, a Hot Wheels race he had been planning for months – Dominic won.  They wrote his name on a garage sale trophy.  I think that this is a really neat idea, maybe someday we’ll be writing his son or daughters name on there too.

6) Cory bid $5, outbidding my $4, and won a pack of six Hershey bars in the white elephant sale.  He was also given the name “Batman” by my Aunt Wanda which was appropriate since he was wearing his Batman shirt.  I promptly pointed out that this was better than “Captain” which the guys at work gave him after he accidentally drove a trailer into a pond.

All in all it was a fabulous day, one of the best reunions I can remember.  It’s nice to take the time out of our hectic lives to meet up with more distant relatives every now and again.  It’s fun eating food and playing games, talking and laughing.  It’s even kind of fun sitting through (making fun of) the annual family business meeting.  Which by the way Cory got a huge kick out of – I totally forgot to warn him about that part.


On a side note, I used to post pictures ALL of the time and I am not sure why I’ve stopped.  I don’t have any images from today, but I do have a few from Cory and I’s trip to Cosi that I had recently talked about.  I figured why not share them now?

{ cory. cosi. birthday. }

{ cory. cosi. birthday. }

{ cory. cosi. birthday. }

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I Want To Remember.

I had the best day today, one of those days that makes you fall a little bit more in love with life.

Cory got off work early today which meant I got to see him at eleven thirty instead of four o’clock like usual. To celebrate this we headed into town to split a sub from Subway. He recently turned me on to there nine grain honey oat bread, which I had never tried before, and the five seventy five Italian sub. I used to be a cold cut combo on Italian herb and cheese girl, but not anymore. Anyways we got the sub and headed to the park where we spread my parents wedding gift picnic basket under a big tree. It was nice and breezy in the shade and we wanted to stay a little longer. We were thinking of what to do when Cory remembered he had five of his seven Nerf guns in the trunk of his eighty five. We set up the Off bottle and had target practice (which I somehow managed to kick his buns in), told stories, got muddy feet (I never wear shoes) and laughed. It was wonderful.

We eventually packed up our ammo and headed back to my house wear we continued our mission of beating my Crash video game. I’m terrible at video games, so when he finally got frustrated with the part we were stuck on I began to brag about the only video game I’d ever beaten – Bratz Rock Angels in the fifth grade. I put it in to show him, turns out I didn’t beat it after all, I missed an entire mission. Needless to say I’ll be hearing about that for quite some time.

My dad made chili. We ate and then my mom and Cory decided to watch Stargate. I curled up on his chest and fell asleep, he let me lay there until he had to leave.

Today was the type of day I had to record, because today was the type of day I want to remember.

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This Birthday.

I had an amazing birthday weekend.  I woke up on my birthday and opened presents with my family.  It was pouring rain, but we went garage sale-ing and headed to Bob Evans where I got a yummy carmel mocha.  On the way back we stopped at one last garage sale and found the toaster (plus a lot of other things) I needed to finish finishing/stocking my apartment.

The rain cleared and Cory and I headed into Columbus to finish moving into my apartment.  We went to our Wendy’s on the way down.  Once there we unpacked, went to Piada and browsed Barnes and Noble.  I had a wonderful evening with the man I love, just sitting up and talking late into the night.  This morning we woke up and took our time getting around before heading to Half Priced Books.  He then took me to COSI.  I had the best time there, we even payed the extra ten dollars to see the adventure exhibit before packing up and heading home.  My tongue is still blue from the raspberry freeze I got at the gas station.

I loved this weekend – this birthday.  It was much better than my last.  I don’t feel different or older, I think that was my problem last year.  When I turned eighteen I was trying too hard to feel a change that hadn’t occurred – adulthood.  Sure I am legally an adult, whatever that means, but I’m still the same me, just in a slightly older body.